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Software Update: Stable Version 17.3 Highlights


SOFTWARE UPDATE: Version 17.3 has now been released as Stable.

26 enhancements & new features implemented in this version were requested by users like you!


Some noteworthy enhancements in version 17.3 include….

ASAP Appointment Enhancements
  • Send text messages about available openings from the ASAP list (requires integrated texting)
  • New Web Sched ASAP eService: Notify patients on the ASAP list about last-minute openings, and include a clickable link they can use to reschedule their appointment online.
  • Appointments with status of Scheduled can also be marked ASAP (right click to mark as ASAP, or check the ASAP box in the Edit Appointment window).
Patient Payments: Allocating Made Easy!
allocating payments

Allocating payments to outstanding charges is now easier than ever! Read our blog post “Patient Payments: Allocating Made Easy!” to learn what’s different, why we made the change, and how it can help your practice prepare for growth, boost efficiency, and generate more robust and accurate reports.

Voice Controlled Perio Charting is now a built-in feature!!
voice controlled perio charting

Set up a microphone on your computer and start recording perio charts via voice commands in English, using Universal Tooth Numbering. Simply click the microphone icon in the perio Chart to start/stop recording.

Watch the Webinar: Voice Controlled Perio Charting


Built-in Unfinalized Insurance Payments Report helps ensure payments are processed completely.

unfinalized payment
New in v17.3, the pop-up that notifies you that there are unfinalized payments also asks if you’d like to open the Unfinalized Insurance Payments Report. If you say yes, it’ll take you straight to the report, which will list any partial (batch insurance) payments or unfinalized individual insurance payments. Right click on any partial batch or unfinalized payment to complete the process.

For a complete list of all the new features & enhancements in this software update, see our version 17.3 page.


Need help updating your Open Dental software?
software updates

If you have questions on updating or need help troubleshooting, get instructions from our manual. If you need help troubleshooting any update issues, just reach out, we’re here for you!

Watch the webinar: How to Update Versions.



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More than 100 enhancements and new features have already been implemented in our Beta Version 17.4, and we’re hard at work on v18.1.

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