Marietta Campus Updates

Open Dental Marietta Street (Oregon) Campus Progress Update #6

Campus update

Our campus has continued to grow, and we’re excited to share all the changes with you!

Since our last ‘Marietta Campus’ update, construction on Building D has been fully completed. This 3-story, 55,000-square-foot building will eventually house up to 500 team members.

Several teams have already moved into Building D. The Human Resources Team was the first to move in, occupying about half of the South wing of the first floor.

Our Engineering, Testing, and Management Teams have moved into the North wing of the third floor. The Marketing & Communications Team will be moving into the South wing of that same floor in just a few weeks.

This building has some features we’re pretty excited about, including:

  • A stylish and welcoming reception area for visitors.
  • A full gym on the first floor, complete with free weights and various other workout equipment.
  • Bathrooms on the first floor are equipped with showers, and the maintenance office upstairs will have laundry facilities to keep employees supplied with fresh towels.
  • A computer lab has been created on the second floor, with attached break-out rooms. This will allow us to have both small and large group training sessions. For now, this is being used for employee training.
  • The first-floor lunch room sports a cool retro look and color-changing lights!

Our work family continues to grow

We have continued hiring at a rapid pace. Since our last campus update on July 22, 2021, we have hired:

  • Support technicians: 271
  • Accounting staff: 1
  • IT Technicians: 5
  • Engineers: 13
  • Engineer interns: 3
  • Maintenance staff: 14

Open Dental currently has 378 employees working hard for you! 

We are excited to continue to grow into our new spaces, which will allow us to serve you even better. Stay tuned for future updates.

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