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Share Your Open Dental Info: Importing & Exporting

ShareThe ability to customize many aspects of the software allows you to tailor Open Dental to fit the needs of your practice. Once you’ve done the work of customizing, it’s great to be able to share that with your other locations, or other Open Dental users. This post will discuss the various ways you can share Open Dental information using the Import & Export tools within the program.


While there are many built-in sheets ready for use in Open Dental, it takes time to customize it to your practice, especially if you have many items you’re customizing, or if you’re creating a sheet from scratch.

Once you’re done, you can quickly and easily share your hard work with an Open Dental friend or another practice location!

Go to Setup > Sheets > Tools. Export your amazing sheet or import one from a friend.
sheets import.png

TECH TIP: Use this same tool to share Patient Dashboards and Chart Layouts as well!

Medications List

This is a big one. There are a ton of medications out there, and even more generic ones. It takes time to build a new list from scratch, so share your amazing medications list with other Open Dental users.

Go to Lists > Medications. Export your current list, or import a list you got from another Open Dental office.
medications import.png

Fee Schedules

Have more than one location? If you use the same fees, save data entry time by sharing your fee schedules.

Go to Lists > Procedure Codes > Fee Tools. Export your fees to create a file, or import the fees your other location sent you.
feesched import.png

If you need to move a patient’s record from one location to another, the process is slightly different.

Use the CEMT Patient Transfer tool. Watch a short video or take a look at our manual page for more on how to use this tool.

If you have any questions using the import or export tools we’ve described here, please feel free to contact us – we’re here for you!

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