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Patient Statements, Explained: Monthly Billing

statements - monthly billing

Patient billing is a process best handled on a consistent, periodic schedule. Chances are, you do this each month on a specific day, but no matter your frequency, proper setup and a consistent process are critical to ensure patients are all billed in a timely manner and for the amounts they owe, without anyone slipping through the cracks.

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Monthly patient statements, step-by-step

  1. In the Manage Module, click Billing. The following window should appear.
    TECH TIP: If a list of patients appears, click Close, then Yes to the prompt. You will be re-creating the list anyway, so it’s safe to delete.

2. Review Dunning Messages. This is optional and only needs to be set up once. Dunning Messages allow you to add a custom message to a statement depending on the criteria met.

3. Determine which patients to list by reviewing Filter Options.

Some key filters to review include:

Defaults to one month prior to today’s date. Anyone who was not sent a statement since this date will be included on the list.

Check this box to exclude patients from the list if they have an outstanding insurance claim. This will help make sure patients only receive a statement for their true patient balance.

If you only want to bill patients whose balances are over a certain amount, enter an amount. Patients with a balance below this amount won’t be billed.

If the patient has a credit on their account, check this box to send a statement so they are aware. If you don’t want to send a heads-up, uncheck this box.

If you printed a statement while the patient was in the office, check this box to send them another statement anyway.

TECH TIP: Click Save as Default to save these settings so you don’t need to go through them next time.

Once you have determined your filter settings, click Create List in the bottom right.

4. Review the patients on the Billing List.

Double-click a patient to view their statement. Right-click a patient to view their account.

Highlight the patients (or click All) then click Send to send patient statements.
– If mailing statements, a PDF will generate with all statements. Print from the PDF window.
– If sending electronically, the statements will be sent to the 3rd party set up for patient billing.

patient billing Take a look at our post, FAQs Answered: Monthly Patient Billing for additional tips.

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