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Feature Highlight: Patient Dashboard

The Patient Dashboard is a customizable view of the patient’s basic information that displays on the right-hand side of Open Dental and is visible in all modules. It can be used to view patient information, care information such as recall due dates or the dates of last exams, and insurance information.


See our video for a quick overview of setting up and displaying the Patient Dashboard.

Getting Started

Go to Tools > Patient Dashboards > Dashboard Setup

Make edits to an existing Patient Dashboard option, or create a new dashboard from scratch.

Dashboards use the same formatting as sheets. Edit your dashboard the same way you would edit any sheet within Open Dental.

User Group Permissions

Users can create a variety of dashboards for different roles in the practice. For example, clinical staff may want to view the tooth chart while billing staff may be more interested in patient balances.

After creating dashboards, a user with the SecurityAdmin permission can select the User Group at the top and only allow access to specific dashboards.

This keeps the list of available dashboards short and relevant for the logged-on users.

Turning on Patient Dashboard

Once you have one or more dashboards listed in the Custom column, you can display Patient Dashboard.

All dashboards a user has access to will list.

Select a dashboard to display it. It will display on the right of each module.

Right-click anywhere on the dashboard to refresh the data or close it.

Bonus Tips

Use the following Static Text Fields to view specific information:

  • [dateRecallDue]: View the patient’s recall due date. Also, use [recallScheduledYN] to see if the recall appointment is already scheduled or not.
  • [dateLastExam]: View the date of the last exam completed for the patient. Additional [dateLast…] fields include bitewings, pano/FMX, prophy, perio, or SRP.
  • [dateLastAppt]: View the date of the patient’s last appointment. Use [apptsAllFuture] to view upcoming appointments.
  • [activeAllergies] and [activeProblems]: View allergies and problems that may be pertinent to patient care.


If you would like assistance setting up your dashboard, give us a call!

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