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Software Update: Stable Version 18.1 Highlights

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SOFTWARE UPDATE: Version 18.1 has been released as Stable.

31 enhancements & new features implemented in this software update were requested by our users!


Some noteworthy items in version 18.1 include…


For larger practices using Clinics:
  • When clinics are on, users are required to assign a default clinic when adding a new patient. Option in Family Module Preferences will allow users to assign new patient to “Unassigned” instead of a specific clinic.
  • A new option in the Clearinghouse window allows reports to be retrieved at a specific time. See Automatic Report Settings on the Clearinghouse Setup page.
  • Retrieved Web Forms can be filtered by clinic.
  • Store a unique DEA number for each provider/clinic combination. See Edit Provider Window in our manual.
  • Store a unique DoseSpot User ID for each provider/clinic combination. See User Security Profiles in our manual.
eServices Enhancements
  • Web Sched New Patient Setup option for Verify Email and Verify Text (cell phone number) during scheduling of Web Sched New Patient Appointments. See Web Sched New Patient Setup in our manual.
  • Option to allow patients to select a provider when scheduling Web Sched New Patient or Web Sched Recall appointments. See Web Sched New Patient: What Patients See in our manual.
  • Link Appointment Types to Web Sched New Patient “Reasons for Appointment.” See Definitions: Web Sched New Patient Appt Types in our manual.
  • Create multiple eConfirmation rules.
  • Control whether eReminders/eConfirmations are sent for same-day appointments. See eConfirmations Setup and eReminders Setup in our manual, and look in the “Create Rules” section, item 5: Send Time, “Do not send within _ of appointment” for details.
    TECH TIP: When a patient has multiple appointments on the same day, only the earliest appointment will show in eReminder/eConfirmation messages.
  • For XCharge users, it’s now easier than ever to have your patients view their statement and make payments online. See the Set up Online Patient Payments section on our Online Patient Payments manual page.
  • Alerts can be set up for users to be notified when any Web Sched appointment is created (Web Sched New Patient, Web Sched Recall, and Web Sched ASAP).
New integration with PaySimple helps streamline credit card payment processing

PaySimple is now integrated with Open Dental for streamlined credit card payment processing! Read our blog post: Why Open Dental Customers are Choosing PaySimple for Seamless Payment Processing for all the services PaySimple offers, and see the PaySimple page in our manual for setup information.

Appointments Module
  • Set provider production goals, and see the calculated total goal in the Appointment Module for all scheduled providers. (Add production to your Appointment View to see performance vs. goal).
  • A new tab in the Recall List shows patients who were recently contacted. Filter by clinic or by date contacted to see who received reminders.
Insurance & Treatment Planning
  • New Insurance Plan Type: PPO Fixed Benefit can be used for in-network plans where writeoffs are based on a contracted rate fee schedule, but insurance has a fixed reimbursement amount for each procedure.
  • When receiving insurance payments in the Account Module, there are two new options to finalize payments: “Batch” or “This Claim Only.”
    TECH TIP: When there are many claims on a single EOB, or when multiple people enter payments at the same time, we recommend using Batch Ins in the Manage Module.
  • Treatment Plan grid can now display the PPO/Allowed Fee for the procedure. Go to Setup>Display Fields>TreatmentPlanModule to add this field to your treatment plan view.
  • Set how benefits coinsurance percentages are imported by Carrier: as patient % or insurance (coverage) %. See Carriers in our manual.
Chart Module
  • User is prompted to create a planned appointment for highest priority treatment planned care when certain conditions are met. A Chart Module preference turns this prompt on/off. Read more about Planned Appointments and how they can help your practice streamline scheduling and fill your chairs.
    Planned Appointments can also be made from the Treatment Plan Module!
  • Procedures with treatment area set to arch or sextant will now require a selection to be made when the code is charted. See more on treatment areas in the Edit Procedure Code Window page in our manual.
Reports and Security Settings
  • Add your favorite reports to a sub menu that shows when hovering over Standard Reports. Go to Reports>Standard>Setup (in the upper left corner), and put a check in the Sub Menu column for reports you want to show in the Standard Reports Sub Menu. For more on Display Settings for your Reports, see our manual.
  • The security menu and security window (Setup>Security>Security Settings) have been enhanced!
    • You can set a default user group in Settings (Setup>Security>Security Settings>Settings in upper left corner), then use the Setup>Security menu option to add a new user. (User Group can be changed when creating the new user.)
    • To add a new user from the Security Window (Setup>Security>Security Settings), click the  in the upper middle of the window.  Read more on adding a new user in our manual.
    • To edit user group permissions in the Security Window, select the User Groups tab at the top, and edit permission settings. The User Groups tab also lists users associated with each user group. See more in our manual.
  • The Help Menu in Open Dental now has a link to Training Videos that takes you straight to our Webinars page.
  • No need to close the window for Exam Sheets and the Incomplete Procedure Notes Report. They will stay open while you navigate around – come back to them anytime and pick up where you left off.

For a complete list of all the new features & enhancements, see the version 18.1 page on our website.

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