Tips & Tricks #25

In this tips & tricks post, we’ll discuss troubleshooting recurring charges that aren’t processing, how to change the font size on the schedule (and other parts of the program), and e-Prescribe options in Open Dental.

My recurring charges aren’t processing. What’s going on?

There are a few things that need to be in place and running, in order for recurring charges to process correctly.

  • The Open Dental Service MUST be running on your server.
  • If you are setting up payment plan charges to run automatically through recurring charges, you must attach the credit card to the guarantor, and attach the payment plan to the credit card in the Credit Card Manage screen.

Can I change the font size on the schedule?

To change the font on just the Schedule, go to Setup> Appointments> Appts Preferences. Enter a zoom amount for Appointment font size. If you enter 10, it will display everything at 110% of the usual size.
To change the font size in all areas of Open Dental by using the Zoom Feature. In the main menu, go to Tools> Zoom, and enter the Additional Scale – it works just like the Appointment Module font zoom mentioned above. This setting is only applied to the workstation and will save when the program is closed. Hit Reset to go back to 100%.

What are my e-Prescribe options in Open Dental?

DoseSpot and Legacy eRx are the two e-prescribe options available in Open Dental. Check out our post: E-Prescribing and PDMP in Open Dental for details on these options and how to get started.

We’re here to help you with all your questions – big or small. Quick questions or help finding resources are a great fit for a chat. If you need us to remote-connect with you to troubleshoot, please give us a call.


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