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Tools That Use Right-Click Magic


Mousing around in Open Dental, you know that clicking takes an action (like edit, OK, or cancel), and double-click opens items, but did you know all the magic available behind a right-click in Open Dental?

Here is a list, but I promise you, it’s not likely to be a comprehensive one! Leave a comment below if you find others!

Appointment Module

The Appointments Module offers a lot of right-click options:

  • On an appointment to handle actions specific to the patient or appointment.
  • On a blank area in the schedule to edit blockouts or text patients.
right click

See our Manual for details on each action.

Account Module

On a procedure, or after highlighting multiple procedures, right-click to quickly add an adjustment! 


Chart Module

Right-clicking in the Progress Notes in the Chart Module offers many quick actions.

The options that appear on each right-click depends on what type of item you’re clicking on.

For example, on a completed procedure, it offers group note options.


On a treatment planned procedure, it offers options to complete it.

Printing the day’s progress notes? 

See our Manual for a full list of right-click options when in the Chart Module.

In Lists and Reports

When working with a list or report, you can often right-click on a patient to quickly access their account or take other actions. 


In the Manage Module – access the patient’s account:

  • Send Claims window in the Manage Module
  • Billing List in the Manage Module

In Reports – access the patient’s account, or assign follow-up to staff:

  • Procedures Not Billed to Insurance Report
  • Claims Not Sent Report
  • Procedures Overpaid Report
  • Outstanding Insurance Claims Report

In Appointment Lists – access the patient or family account, send the appointment to the pinboard for scheduling, and more:

  • Recall List
  • Planned Tracker
  • ASAP List
  • Unscheduled List

There are many others – we’d love to hear which ones you’ve found that have helped you. And if you need help with anything in the software, please reach out – we’re here for you!

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