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Our Most Popular Reports, and Using Queries


Whether it’s seeing how many times you performed a certain procedure, getting a list of patients by carrier, or evaluating production and collections, there are many reports in Open Dental that can help!

Here are a few of our most popular reports:

Procedures Report (go to Reports, Standard, Daily section)
Use this report to see how many of a given procedure were performed in a date range. You can also filter by Clinic or Provider.
TECH TIP: Select Grouped By Procedure Code to get a count by procedure for everything performed in the selected date range. If you want to see patient-level detail, use the Individual Procedures option.

Insurance Plans List (go to Reports, Standard, Lists section)
Use this report to see subscribers with a certain carrier. Leave the carrier field blank to see all subscribers and all carriers.
To see all patients (both subscribers and non-subscribers) with a certain carrier, run query 163 from our Query Examples page – see how below.

Treatment Finder Report (go to Reports, Standard, Lists section)

Use this to get a list of patients who have treatment planned care, but no appointment scheduled. If you’ve created letters for tax refund season and for year-end “use it or lose it” notifications, you can use those with this report to create merged letters you can easily send out to your patients.

Use several reports together to monitor each phase of your revenue cycle. Track production, make sure claims get created and sent, and keep tabs on insurance and patient collection. Read our post “Don’t Let Revenue Slip Through the Cracks.”

Want a list of ALL our standard reports? Find it here.

The Query Examples page has loads of other report options! 

If you’ve looked through the available reports, but don’t see a match for what you need, try using the Query Examples Page. It contains over 1,200 queries we’ve already written for users just for you!

Many queries have an editable field to filter the report results. Watch the clip above for steps to copy a query from our Query Examples Page and run it in Open Dental, then save the results to your favorites so you can use it anytime.
TECH TIP: When searching the query examples page, use ctrl+F (find) then type in a keyword to quickly find possible matches.

If you need a query we don’t have on this page, we can create one for you! Fill out a Custom Query Request for a no-strings-attached quote.


If you need help troubleshooting reports or queries, feel free to reach out, we’re here for you.

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