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Why Open Dental Customers are Choosing PaySimple for Seamless Payment Processing

dental practice payment processing

Accepting payments is an area of business that is often overlooked. However, PaySimple believes that payment processing for your business shouldn’t be viewed as any other mundane task. There are so many areas of payment processing that need attention–but who wants to get distracted from the joy of running your own business? Chances are, your passion lies in helping patients more than it does with payments, cash flow, and business finance.

That is why we are so excited about PaySimple’s integration with Open Dental. Open Dental customers who choose PaySimple to collect payments can spend more time focusing on what really matters to them—running their practices—and less time on the payments side of things. Here’s what you can expect from this integration:

dental practice payment processing

1. Award-winning customer service

It’s natural for you to have questions regarding your payment processing. That’s why PaySimple focuses tirelessly on creating an amazing customer service experience. Our customer service team is U.S. based and repeatedly wins rewards for going the extra mile for small business owners. Our team is available by phone, email, or chat. With PaySimple, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you can get your questions answered by someone with experience, who has an excellent understanding of your business’s needs.

2. Complimentary rate reviews

There are so many moving parts to payment processing, it would be a lot to ask for you to master them all. Luckily, with PaySimple, you don’t have to. Collecting payments through PaySimple allows you to simplify and streamline your payment collection so you can get back to doing what you love, working with your patients. It is our goal to provide you features that benefit your business at a competitive price. Let our team show you how we can improve your practice management and cost savings. Upon speaking with a PaySimple representative, we will conduct a complimentary rate review to see if we can match or beat your current processing rates but more importantly, save your practice time when it comes to collecting payments.

dental practice payment processing

3. Accept multiple payment methods

Your patients are not identical copies of one another–they each have different needs and preferences. Of course, this holds true when it comes to payment processing as well. Some patients might want to pay by bank transfer, others might prefer to earn rewards by paying with a credit card. Whatever the case, PaySimple has you covered. PaySimple offers ACH (electronic transfers) and credit card processing of all major card types (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

4. Discover the magic of recurring billing

Forget having to invoice and re-bill your patients every month—if they have a consistent payment with you on a regular schedule, just get them set up on recurring payment processing through PaySimple. This payment type is well known for saving time, bringing in more consistent cash flow, and making the payment process as seamless as possible for practice and patient.

Check out our infographic on what life can look like for a business owner with and without recurring billing.

Our recurring billing schedules feature also allows you to set up simple payment plans for patients who might need to pay off their bill in installments. Our all-in-one payment system makes it easy to automate and scale your practice, from one platform.

And for those customers that keep coming back year after year, but don’t necessarily need to be on a recurring billing schedule, PaySimple makes it easy to smooth out the checkout process by securely storing their credit card information on-file.

5. Security for you AND your patients

We would be remiss if we failed to discuss data security when talking about payment processing. Credit card fraud is a problem in the U.S. with estimates at $190 billion in fraudulent charges occurring every year.

PaySimple provides a secure and PCI compliant payment solution so you can make sure that you are giving your business and your patients the best security around. PaySimple believes that the payment process should be a fluid and complimentary extension of your business–having a payment solution that is unsafe only disrupts your business, gives rise to patient complaints, and portrays a version of your business which is less than ideal.


In short, PaySimple is making the businesses (and lives) of Open Dental’s customers easier. For more information, or to learn more about the payment processing solution that PaySimple brings to small businesses, click here.

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