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Favorite PaySimple Features for Open Dental Customers

PaySimple Favorite Features

Users of PaySimple through Open Dental have experienced multiple benefits of the solution partnership, noting improvements within the areas of cash flow management, data security, revenue reporting, staff efficiency and patient satisfaction.

PaySimple’s all-in-one fully integrated payment system allows offices to automate billing, accept flexible forms of payments, and manage patient financial information, all from within Open Dental software.

While PaySimple is a comprehensive solution with countless benefits, some specific capabilities stand out as customer favorites. 

Seamless One-Time Payments

With PaySimple, one-time payments are completely seamless, providing the effortless experience needed by practices using Open Dental. Users can complete transactions within Open Dental without having to leave the program to process or post payments.

This capability saves staff time, eliminates mistakes from manual errors, and contributes to easy and accurate revenue tracking.

Flexible Payment Options

Patients expect a customer-focused approach to payment processing, and PaySimple delivers just that – allowing patients to pay for their dental care with the form of payment most convenient to them.

Acceptance of ACH, credit card, debit card, check, and cash payments can all be handled between Open Dental and PaySimple. Such capability eliminates the need to source multiple solutions for various payment methods, and offers the best payment experience for today’s customer.

Effortless Payment Plans

Automated payment plans are another favorite feature because they require no effort on the part of the office staff once they are established, and make collecting money for a balance due, or full payment, effortless.

Setting up an automated payment plan is as easy as collecting a deposit or estimated co-payment at the time of service, and then billing for the remainder over a period of time. 

Payments plans are created within Open Dental in the Account Module. See this manual page for step-by-step instructions on setting up and using payment plans within Open Dental.

Payment Plans Automated with PaySimple

Once set up, any payment plans for the patient will be displayed at the top of the patient’s account.

With customer payment information securely stored in PaySimple, recurring payments are easily completed once a payment plan is assigned to a customer. On the assigned payment date, the customer’s payment information will automatically be pulled to process the payment and transaction details are then synched to Open Dental.  

Secure Credit Card Information

Data security is a critical concern for any business accepting digital payment. Anytime a patient’s credit card information is kept on file, it must be stored securely at all times. PaySimple ensures that patient data is protected with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 compliance. Security at this level mitigates exposure to fraud and theft while fostering patient trust and practice credibility.

To securely store credit card ‘tokens’ in Open Dental, enable PaySimple (Setup > Program Links), then go to Setup > Account and check the top option to ‘Automatically store credit card tokens.’

PaySimple CreditCardTokens

Real-Time Business Intelligence and Reporting

PaySimple provides real-time reporting that does away with the need for batch updates and data refreshes. At any time, you can track key insights to make informed decisions and better manage your practice.

Open Dental customers who utilize PaySimple enjoy countless benefits that increase revenue and modernize their dental practice. To learn more about using PaySimple for an exceptional payment experience, click here.

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