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Improve Your Patient Experience with a Streamlined Payment Process

Streamlined payment

Knowing that patients today want almost everything to be easier, it is essential to think of them in even the minor details of office operations. If how you approach payment processing is an afterthought today, insights in this post might leave you thinking differently.

Delivering a customer-focused approach to payment processing can positively impact patient experience and profitability. With three key components, you can achieve the exceptional payment experience that your patients want. Higher levels of patient satisfaction, retention, and increased referrals await.

3 Components of an Exceptional Payment Experience

1. Convenience

Modernizing the payment collection and billing process provides convenience for your patients. When you offer flexible payment options like ACH, credit card, debit card, eCheck, and checks, you’re empowering your patients to pay in a way that’s most convenient for them. That convenience will help you schedule more work and keep your patients healthy and happy.

Another way to make paying you convenient is by allowing your patients to pre-book online and even pay for a routine visit before their appointment. You can also send your patients electronic invoices that provide access to secure online payment forms.

2. Security

Many small business owners have the misconception that data security is only a concern for big corporations. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Small and medium businesses are just as vulnerable to data breaches and theft. To ensure your payment provider is secure, make sure they are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, which means they adhere to the core requirements for data security.

Though your patients may not think much about the security of their information, it is not optional to leave this component out. When handling patient information, working with a payment provider that is compliant with data security standards is a must. If you don’t use a secure provider, you and your patients will be vulnerable to the threat of fraud.

A payment provider who takes security seriously protects your patient data while fostering the trust and credibility your patients have with your business. Additionally, working with a compliant provider demonstrates that your dental practice and procedures are technologically up to date. All great things for business longevity.

3. Automation

Automated payments work equally well for a one-time payment or a series of periodic payments and provide a concierge level of service for your patients. When your patients have a copay balance or need a payment plan, offering a sophisticated level of flexibility through automation is an excellent solve.

Once a patient’s payment information is on file, you can set them up on an automated payment schedule to take the effort out of the process. Automated payments also free up employee time because they won’t need to work on collecting outstanding balances. In all, automated payments can increase both your cash flow and your employee and patient satisfaction.

Ensuring customer satisfaction with your payment experience can be done easier than ever with the right payment solution. By utilizing PaySimple within Open Dental, you can give your patients convenience, security, and automated payment options that will help increase your revenue and modernize your dental practice.

To learn exactly why other Open Dental users are using PaySimple for an exceptional payment experience, click here.

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