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Expect Extra Value from Your Payment Processing Partner

When deciding on a payment processing partner, solution features are often evaluated across different options. Ease of use, seamless payment processing, flexible payment acceptance, and robust security are essential to operate efficiently while delivering the best payment experience to patients. 

However, you want to look beyond the obvious payment features to find additional value. A partner with excellent support and a focus on customer care will ensure you get help when you need it so you can concentrate on your top priority: patient care. 

Here are some areas to consider when evaluating payment processing partners:

Timely Assistance

Payment assistance is often time-sensitive and stress-inducing for businesses. Reaching a real person for payment questions or software support makes a world of difference during challenging situations. To ensure your business is handled properly, it is important to work with a payment processing partner that is easy to reach. 

While you might hear great things from representatives on a sales call, it is best to test this level of service yourself prior to working with any payment processor. Consider giving the payment processing partners you are considering a call. While on the phone, make note of how quickly you reach their customer support team and how fast their support is able to provide answers. 

Personalized On-Boarding & Continued Training

Your payment processing partner should be focused on ensuring you and your staff are successful with the payment solution at every stage of your journey. Since every business operates a little differently, training that you receive should be customized. 

In the beginning, confirm that your on-boarding training will cover the specific areas that are most important to your business instead of a one-size-fits-all manual. Following initial training, make sure you and your team have access to additional training when needed. Many times additional training may be available, but comes with a cost. Make sure you know what to expect in training fees after you have completed onboarding.

Consolidated Care for Streamlined Support

When accepting payments for your business, there are many technology components involved. The types of payments you want to accept and how you want to accept them often determines how many payment services your business will need. As a result, you can end up in a costly position where you have many providers and multiple technologies. But, that does not have to be the case. 

Before you begin speaking with payment processing partners, make a list of the types of payment methods you want to accept and how you want to accept them. Does your business need to take credit card and ACH payments? Do you want to be able to do one-time and recurring payments in-person, online, and via email invoicing? Once you have your list, see which payment processing partner can handle the majority or all of your needs. Doing so will save you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary frustration in the long run. 

PaySimple – Your Payment Partner For Today and Tomorrow

Recognized repeatedly for our award-winning support, we at PaySimple handle customer care differently than most payment processing partners. Uniquely structured to deliver personalized customer care, our teams aim to surpass service expectations during every customer interaction. 

As an Open Dental customer, you can expect the following from PaySimple:

A Single Point of Contact for Care

  • Open Dental customers receive personal care through one single point of contact. Your practice will work directly with a single customer success manager from our U.S. headquarters that you’ll know by name and have a direct phone number for. 

Always Free, Always Customizable Training

  • With PaySimple, free and hands-on training is always available. We provide thorough on-boarding and offer additional training per your needs whenever you need it. Each training session is conducted by your dedicated customer success manager that is specifically trained on your business and Open Dental.

Proactive Check-Ins

  • To ensure our team and solution is meeting your standards, we hold quarterly check-ins with your business. These proactive meetings provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you have around the PaySimple solution, our service, or your account. 

Comprehensive Services

  • Capable of handling both credit card and ACH payments through one solution, PaySimple provides payment flexibility while reducing your technology ownership. Our customer care teams service your payment needs and the back-end payment processing infrastructure behind our solution. Should you need assistance with your business merchant account or payment gateway, our team is here for you. 

Just as you handle your patients, your business deserves to be handled with a high level of care. Before selecting a payment processing partner, consider the above areas in your evaluation. While many provide customer support, your business deserves the best available, especially when it comes to your cash flow. 

Whether your practice is just getting started with payments or looking to make a switch, our team can help. Our exceptional customer service, flexible payment solutions, and affordable processing rates make us a preferred partner to over 100 Open Dental customers. 

To start your personal consultation, complete this simple online form today.

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