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Tips & Tricks #30

Loads of tips in this post! Learn how to update your software and download 2022 CDT Codes (or Canada Fee Guides), update your office fees, reset benefits for the new year, evaluate and choose an integrated eRx option in Open Dental, show a treatment plan estimate as of a specific date, and install Open Dental on additional workstations in your practice.

Tips & Tricks #26

In this tips & tricks post, we will discuss ways to restrict scheduling for specific patients, how to clean up duplicate patients in your database, and what to do if your secondary claims are being denied by your clearinghouse because they need item level adjustments.

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Tips & Tricks #20

In this tips & tricks post, we’ll discuss a new tool to help you organize your (many many) fee schedules, how to add and view both patient forms and consent forms in the Forms window, and how to set things up so that patient records are auto-saved in your Imaging Module.