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Keeping Your Staff Happy and Motivated

They say that a simple smile can be quite contagious. Try it out to see for yourself. Most likely, when someone catches a glimpse, they’ll get an impulse to smile right back. And as a dental care provider, you probably know better than anyone just how powerful that smile can be.

Now consider this same type of effect when it comes to your team’s happiness and motivation. Their well being can have a direct impact on achieving desired goals and improving practice performance. For instance, employees who are highly satisfied and love their work environment will likely also love providing top-quality care. That’s why prioritizing their needs is key, especially knowing the busy schedules and stress that they face every day. In fact, investing in your team can be one of your greatest assets because it means that you’re also investing in your patients’ health and the overall success of your practice.

There are even simple ways to get started. Consider these steps for providing motivation and making the most of the resources you already have available.

Align your team with your passion.

To help your practice grow in the ways you want, you first must lay the foundation for building a thriving team. Offer the transparency and support they need in order to work seamlessly in such a demanding field. This includes:

1. Hiring excellent staff

As many in the dental industry can agree, the last few years have been filled with unique challenges and uncertainty. Staffing scarcity continues to be a pain point, so it’s important to look for the right individuals who will make a perfect fit for the role. Remember that a great care provider is one who enjoys serving patients and wants to help make an impact in their lives. They need to have a positive attitude and be able to always “serve with a smile,” as this will also reflect on the patient.

You can also ask questions throughout the hiring process to make sure that their goals align with the mission of your practice. Not only can this help you find the right team member, but it can help the candidate confirm that they’ve found the right employer that can help them grow and feel happy.

2. Sharing visions and goals

Clear, open communication is a great driving force for staff satisfaction. Your dental practice is like a second home to your employees and is where they spend the majority of their time. Therefore, sharing your expectations and desired achievements can help them feel like a valuable part of moving the practice forward. By reviewing business goals with the team on a regular basis, you can also help keep them engaged and invested. You can even try scheduling a team huddle once a month to keep your team up to date and offer opportunities for them to share ideas or ask questions. Employees often want to be heard and involved in decision-making as a way to take on a more active role in where they work.

3. Showing appreciation

Don’t let talent and efforts go unnoticed. Showing and vocalizing your appreciation for staff members is another great way to help ensure that they feel valued. As such, you should make it a point to give positive feedback every so often. Even a simple thank you or a friendly card can go a long way.

Voicing gratitude can also improve staff retention by building a positive work environment where they feel comfortable and happy. 

Provide learning resources.

To help your practice continue to evolve, offer the necessary training and tools to help staff build their skills and stay up to speed. Educating staff about how to use technologies or make the most of practice management software features can help them feel more confident completing daily tasks. As a result, this can also lead to increased productivity and efficiency—a win for your practice and your employees.

Open Dental provides a variety of learning resources so that staff members are equipped with the knowledge they need to maximize the capabilities of their software. Tips are catered to help make their days easier, move more care forward and ultimately, help your practice grow. Training is also fit toward their specific needs and situations—helping them learn in a comprehensive and comfortable way.

Simplify the payment process.

Another way you can help improve the experience for your staff—and streamline workflows—is to offer convenient financing options. With a third-party patient financing partner like CareCredit, you can help patients get the care they need, when they need it—while also helping support your employees. When patients pay with the CareCredit credit card, a practice gets paid within two business days, which helps speed up cash flow and reduce A/R. This means there could be less headaches and stress for staff. Instead, they can enjoy a simplified financing process that helps them save time and focus on what really matters most, bringing more picture-perfect smiles within reach.

Plus, CareCredit features are also integrated into Open Dental software! The integrated solution is available to providers who accept the CareCredit credit card and use Open Dental software. It’s easy to use and can be a great way to help keep your team happy and productive.

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