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Open Dental integrates with CareCredit: Helpful information to get started

New, seamless integration makes it easier to offer patients financing options using CareCredit.

With Open Dental software’s integration with CareCredit—the dedicated healthcare and
wellness credit card—dental practice teams can increase productivity and help ease the patient
financial process. The integrated system allows your practice to offer financing options to help
patients move forward with your recommended treatment. Plus, you can benefit from a
simplified workflow while helping boost results for your practice.
Ready to start leveraging all of the advantages of your integrated system? Here’s a brief

1. Improve your practice’s efficiencies and help better serve your patients.
By putting all the information you and your staff need on one screen, the CareCredit
integration saves you time and helps make the financial conversation easier. At the
patient’s request, you can see if a patient prequalifies* for CareCredit immediately when
you click “Apply Now.” Your patients will receive a quick response to a soft inquiry, which
won’t affect their credit bureau score. Another option to help you prepare is Batch
Quickscreen®, you can easily identify which patients are pre-approved with their
available line of credit or those who already have a CareCredit credit card, even before
their appointment. This helps give patients a financing option so they can move forward
with recommended treatment.
For more information about CareCredit’s Batch Quickscreen® and other integration
features, watch this integration video:

2. Simplify the application process with a few clicks.
When patients want to apply it’s easier to help them* because their information is
automatically transferred from your software to the CareCredit application. Simply fill in
the few required fields and click “Submit.” They will receive a credit decision instantly.
Quick note:
If a patient does not have their CareCredit credit card immediately available for their
appointment, your team can look up their account number.

3. Easily manage payments and transactions.
To help minimize human errors and simplify tasks, your team can process
transactions directly from the Patient Account screen and have them automatically post
back to the ledger. You’ll have options to view transactions for all of your patients or only
those selected, and can then right-click on their name to view the account, open
payment, or process a refund. To submit a payment, visit the Account Module page and
click “Payment.”
Overall, the easy-to-use tools allow you and your team to quickly process payments and
spend more time on what matters most—your patients.
Quick note:
A full step-by-step guide is available online to learn how to set up CareCredit, process
payments and manage accounts.

Not already accepting CareCredit?
If you’re interested in offering more financing options to help your patients pay for care, visit to learn more and enroll today.

*Except for providers in California who are prohibited under state law from submitting applications on behalf of patients for certain healthcare loans or lines of credit, including the CareCredit credit card.

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