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More Claims. Automated Process. Reduce AR Days.


Running a successful dental practice can be a balancing act. You need to retain quality staff and keep patients happy. There are only so many hours in a day. Make the most of your time by automating the claims process.

Want to ensure you have a healthy practice increasing revenue? Be sure data is at your fingertips to be successful and take your practice to the next level.

Managing days in AR helps a dental practice measure production, evaluate the collections process, gain a clear vision of payer issues, create a positive patient experience, and discover delinquent accounts. Knowing where the dial sits when it comes to days in AR empowers the practice to drive change by reducing the number of days it takes to receive payment after their appointment.

On average, it takes a dental practice 45 days to receive payment on a claim submitted for dental services rendered. Wouldn’t it be ideal to reduce that number? Let’s think about this. A healthy dental practice must have enough cash on hand to cover expenses associated with supplies and labor for those services for an average of 45 days before being reimbursed. It also means that after a shutdown – which was rare but all too familiar today – it takes 45 days after reopening to begin receiving cash flow.

Why not reduce the length of time it takes to get paid after services are rendered? You can reduce the risk for the practice and improve your chances of long-term success and more money in the bank.

You can achieve this by:

  • verifying eligibility and plan details
  • submitting dental claims within 1 business day of treatment
  • enabling an electronic attachment solution
  • monitoring claim status in real-time

DentalXChange offers claim solutions with connectivity to over 950 dental payers electronically. Electronic claims and attachments are integrated into Open Dental, for a seamless experience for your staff. What does that mean for you? No more mailing paper claims and clear insight into claim status and early identification of a required attachment. The result? Improving the health of your dental practice through claim automation.

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