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TSI (Transworld Systems)

You deserve to get paid. Since 1970, TSI has been helping businesses of all sizes with their accounts receivable management. Our first party, third party, and late stage collections services provide the right solution at the right time, while our industry-leading focus on data analytics, compliance, and cyber security ensure your customers, your data, and your brand are protected. Speed up your past due payments and lower internal costs with this easy to use, automated solution for your business.

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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Collections Agency

How you manage your Accounts Receivable is critical to the success of your practice. Many practices successfully outsource their collection efforts to a third-party, but how do you choose the right one? Read this post to make sure you’re vetting any potential agency with the right questions, and discover how the new Open Dental and TSI Collections Interface can ensure your cash flow is maximized and your practice is protected!