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What to Ask A Digital Dental Marketing Agency

marketingAre you starting to realize your in-house team needs a little help when it comes to marketing your practice? Are you disappointed with your current online dental marketing agency? 

Whatever your reason, when you’re evaluating dental marketing agencies to work with, make sure to ask them these questions before making your final decision.

Can you explain dental SEO and online marketing to me?

A successful relationship with a dental marketing agency is built on a foundation of trust. Specifically, you need to trust them to…

  • Have your best interests and practice goals in mind
  • Provide a good return on your investment
  • Apply digital marketing strategies that are proven to be successful

A good agency is your partner. They will answer your digital marketing questions in a way that’ll help you understand what needs to be done, not add confusion. 

Who owns the work you do?

When an agency completes work on your behalf — be it blog posts, websites, or Google Ads campaigns — it should be yours forever. 

In addition to the work they complete for you, you should also always be in control of…

  • Your website’s domain name and hosting
  • All web properties and social media accounts

Do you work with dentists?

If you’re a dentist, choose a company skilled in dental online marketing. Agencies focused on dental marketing should have reviews from dental practices just like yours. They should also be able to provide references that can speak to their dental marketing expertise and knowledge.

A wide range of experience with dental practices will inform their work and will help you get the results you need. 

Will you work with competing practices?


Your online marketing agency should always have your best interests at heart. Never work with a dental marketing agency that also works for other practices in your area — it’s a conflict of interest. 

It’s not possible for 2 dental practices in the same community to both rank #1 for the same keyword or phrase. Also, 2 practices with similar Google Ads campaigns competing in the same city will drive up costs. 

What’s your marketing strategy and how did you develop it?

Every practice is different. Your digital marketing strategy should be unique, too. 

Generally, a successful strategy will include…

  • Content marketing
  • Online advertising, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads
  • Technical changes to your website structure to improve Google search rankings
  • Online reputation management

A good dental SEO company will base their strategy on your practice’s:

  • Current online presence
  • Goals and key growth metrics
  • Local competition

Just as important: What questions are the agency asking you?

Remember, you’re not just vetting the agency. Great agencies are just as choosy about who they work with. Look for an agency who asks thoughtful questions like:

  • Who is your perfect patient?
  • What goals do you have for your practice over the next 1/5/10 years?
  • Who are you competing with — and what sets your practice apart?
  • Have you ever worked with an agency before? How was that experience?

Who does their work?

It’s common for some dental marketing agencies to have a sales team that outnumbers their creative and technical teams. These agencies often rely on outside contractors or freelancers — who may not share the values that drew you to the agency in the first place.

Great agencies have in-house specialists to work your practice’s online marketing presence, including experts skilled in… 

  • Content strategy and development
  • Web design and development
  • SEO 
  • Paid advertising

Can we talk? How will I know things are working?

After signing up to work with a reputable agency, you should never feel left in the dark. Good dental marketing agencies show off their work. They don’t hide behind it.

Make sure whichever agency you choose updates you regularly with…

  • A summary of their work
  • Statistics and data detailing progress
  • Strategy and plans for the future

What’s expected of me? Don’t you do all the work?


Lastly (but most importantly), you must be a central figure in the partnership with your new agency. 

While you are hiring an agency to do the physical work of digital marketing, your collaboration is essential. For instance, you’ll need to provide information on your practice, services, and what separates you from competing local practices. You’ll also need to be available to approve content, ad campaigns, and other important work.

About Dan DelMain

DelmainAs a small business owner himself, Dan DelMain knows firsthand many of the struggles dentists face when it comes to online marketing.

Since 2009, Dan and his team at Delmain have helped dentists around the country increase website traffic, attract new patients, and achieve real results through their online marketing efforts.

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