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Top 6 Benefits to Consider Managing Financial Services

benefits to consider when managing financial services

When it comes to processing patient dental payments, things are often more complicated than they need to be. Common issues include outdated systems, inaccurate patient information, and slow or no support when something goes wrong. This can lead to an increase in errors and delayed dental patient payments that leave your practice struggling month to month. A reliable dental merchant services partner can eliminate all the back and forth and frustration. By combining an intuitive combination of technology with service, a more user-friendly process is delivered. This will improve staff and patient experiences. Something unique happens when your office team stops spending so much time processing and managing patient payments the old-fashioned way; you have a lot more time to focus on patient care.

Benefits Your Practice Wants

Partnering with a world-class dental merchant services partner allows you to leave previous challenges in the past, and quite simply, transform your practice. Immediate and long-lasting benefits to your practice include the following.

Access to the Latest Technology.

If we’re being frank here, the dental industry is just now embracing new technologies, and many dental practices are still only processing payments manually. Advancing with technology can solve many of the problems you deal with daily, including low morale internally and poor patient-provider relationships. Technological progression leads to enhanced patient care and patient experience along with increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and staying competitive. Working with a dental merchant services partner means you’re always up to date.

Reduces Labor, Effort, and Time.

By reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks, your team can accomplish more within a given timeframe. This increased productivity can lead to higher output and improved efficiency. Team members who experience a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction are more likely to feel motivated and engaged. A streamlined workload benefits your patients, contributes to a positive work culture, and improves your practice overall.

Builds Instant Trust as You Build Your Network.

When attracting new patients and retaining the ones you have, it helps to have a trusted and reliable way to process payments. Trust is built on authenticity, reliability, and professionalism. You are creating a nurturing environment where patients feel their time is respected because your process makes it easy and effortless to pay: a win-win.

Improves Efficiency and Increases Quality.

By eliminating complexity for a smoother payments process, you develop a workflow that is repeatable and scalable. Extra work becomes a thing of the past, so you can increase productivity and gain better patient experiences for a brighter future.

Win-win for Practices and Patient Payments.

A smooth and flexible payment process benefits everyone. You will be able to accept debit or credit cards, ApplePay, and payment plans. You can also choose from a variety of modern terminals so you can collect patient payments with ease. This flexibility allows your patients many ways to pay for the care they need.

Dedicated Support Team.

Nothing is more frustrating than facing obstacles without support. With a trusted partner, you’re not left to fend for yourself when you have an issue. A solution-focused team meets any issue you may encounter with understanding and a solution. You will spend less time trying to troubleshoot and more time on the things that matter.

DentalXChange’s PayConnect Merchant Services offers a myriad of technological key features such as Text-To-Pay and Recurring Payments. Text is preferred over email by most patients (and people) today. When a statement is ready, it’s sent right away- via text, not email. With a click of a link, it is just as easy to pay. Configuring and managing recurring payments can now be done with ease, setting up patients with payment plans to automatically draw from the patient’s account. DentalXChange’s PayConnect platform isn’t just technology. It’s backed by people who realize we’re in a service business, to support your practice. With our technology and unrivaled team, we’re built to support our clients and bring ease to the dental payments process. And we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. We’re committed to service through technology that makes your job easier.

Exciting News! An even better patient experience has arrived! PayConnect 2.0 is now available in Open Dental Version 23.1. Upgrade your software and sign up with DentalXChange to take advantage of all the new features and tools!

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  1. Dental exchange does not look at previous insurance payments and then calculate the payments in pt’s appointment. They also do not give information relating to coverage. EX: If patient can have flouride, age of sealants, cleanings, 2x/year. Those things are extremely important to hygienists and saves alot of time.

    • Hi Susan. We wanted to clarify: Open Dental does take previous insurance payments into consideration for estimate updates. If you’re inputting annual max numbers into your insurance plans, that would also be taken into consideration. These calculations are not related to DentalXChange or the services they offer. Any questions on this can be answered by Support – please reach out:
      Electronic benefit information is something DentalXChange offers as a separate service that your office would need to be signed up for. However, they can only provide the information that Carriers provide to them, so if you’re missing frequency data for a specific plan, that may be because that Carrier does not provide that information.

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