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Boost Efficiency with Integrated DentalXChange Services


Creating a successful dental practice involves building a team of people and services you can trust to help your practice succeed. This is why DentalXChange has teamed up with Open Dental Software. Our innovative EDI services are integrated into Open Dental so you can check benefit eligibility, submit electronic claims, use claim attachments, send patient billing, and collect payments, all from within the software. We’re with you throughout the practice management process, from before a patient arrives through the final payment, with cost-effective solutions that will boost your practice’s efficiency.

Real-Time Eligibility Services

DentalXChange’s Real-Time Eligibility Services takes the guesswork out of patient benefits. You’ll get instant verification on eligibility and benefits online, eliminating the need for annoying and time-consuming eligibility calls.

Credit Score Services

Once you know what will be covered and how much the patient will owe, you can use Patient Credit Score Services to determine if you would like to extend credit to your patient. Our credit score service will provide you with the patient’s FICO score, identity information, and other financial data needed to help your practice make objective ability-to-pay decisions and ultimately, help you collect on the services you provide.

Claims and Attachment Services

DentalXChange’s ClaimConnect is the most comprehensive suite of claim related services in the industry, allowing practices to process dental insurance claims and send attachments through one, user-friendly platform. In fact, using a claims processing service that can electronically send both claim and attachment together will speed up processing and lead to fewer errors through tighter integration between our clearinghouse and the insurance company. This simplifies the claims cycle and expedites reimbursements.

Patient Statements

No more printing, stuffing and mailing patient statements from your office. We do it all, for one low cost. Our E-Patient Statements service offers two convenient ways to deliver your patient statements. We can email statements to your patients, or print and mail a paper statement through the US Postal Service. Plus, when paired with PayConnect Merchant Services, you can send a secure web link with your statement that gives your patient the option to pay online. 

Merchant Services

DentalXChange’s PayConnect Merchant Services offers a bevy of innovative tools to make payment collections easier and help manage your merchant services. Some of these capabilities include credit score checks, electronic signature capabilities, EMV Chip transactions, and emailing receipts. One of the best features of PayConnect is our Automated Recurring Transactions, letting you set your patient up on a payment plan that will automatically draw payments from the patient’s account and post directly to your Open Dental account on a recurring basis.

DentalXChange prides itself on creating unique products designed to help the dental practice save money and increase productivity. To learn more about our services, visit or call 1800-576-6412 Ext. 455 and make DentalXChange a part of your successful team.

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