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3 Ways To Protect Your Business Data When Mother Nature Strikes


What happens to your data when the unexpected happens?

Is your data safe from a natural disaster? Many businesses don’t set aside time to create an effective backup plan, but the small amount of time it takes to adopt a disaster recovery plan pales in comparison to the weeks and months it can take to recover from serious data loss.

Businesses should develop and institute internal processes that help prevent against data loss following natural disasters. If you don’t already have a disaster recovery plan, or would like to review your current plan, here are three ways to help avoid data loss due to a Natural Disaster:

  1. Be sure to have an appropriate way to save and manage files. They need to be stored, shared and continuously backed up.
  2. Ensure backups are dispersed accordingly. Design a network of backups that offer sufficient resolution. Combine company owned, on or off premise servers with a third-party, cloud based solution.
  3. Have a plan in place. To help prevent data loss and weather a natural disaster, a business needs to follow best practices. The statistics listed below are a great example as to why a backup plan needs to be in place.

How much do you stand to lose?

35% of outages are caused by natural disasters. Site outages typically cost businesses at least $20k for every day of downtime, with more than a quarter of businesses reporting that one day of downtime would cost over $100k. And when you break it down into more detailed categories, the outlook is not much better.

Natural disasters:

  • 82% state their IT infrastructure is not fully prepared for a disaster incident.
  • Only 27% believe they are fully prepared to ensure continuous availability.
  • Only 50% are confident 100% of data can be restored.
  • 56% would need 8+ hours to restore 100% of data.

State Laws and HIPAA requirements are changing daily. By being prepared, companies gain trust and a competitive advantage. This was certainly the case for Dr. Lee in New Jersey:

“In 2012, our office was involved in a flood that wiped out almost our entire community. With all the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, our office was completely under water. With a disaster recovery plan in place, and with the help of Central Data Storage, we were back up and running in no time. I would highly recommend the people at Central Data Storage for any data protection needs your office may have.”

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(Statistics provided by DataCore, April 19, 2018)

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