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Tips & Tricks #8

Tips & Tricks

A few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

In this tips & tricks post, find out what to do if employees are clocking in but nothing’s showing up (you can’t see your current pay period), how to close out the month in Open Dental, and the process for opening next year in your schedule.

1. Employees are clocking in, but their time isn’t showing up, and I can’t see the current pay period. What’s going on?

You need to set up Pay Periods so that time clock events can display.
 Watch the time clock webinar – there is a section on setting up pay periods at min 3:30.
Read instructions on how to set up pay periods here.

2. How do I close out the month in Open Dental?

There is no set process to “close out” a period of time in Open Dental, but there are several reports you may want to run each month. Typical monthly reports include the Production & Income Report, and other reports listed in the “Monthly” section in Reports, Standard. Reports can be run at any time, and for any date range.
TECH TIP: If you want to prevent staff from editing entries in a prior period, use the Global Lock Date, one of the Security Settings in Open Dental. Read more on that feature here.

3. How do I open up my schedule for 2019?

Your schedule can be edited or “opened” at any time by editing your providers’ schedules in Setup, Schedules. You can easily copy weeks, and repeat them forward, then make any edits for exceptions (like holidays). Read more on how to do that here.
TECH TIP: Make sure to open your schedule for more than 6 months ahead to use the Make Recall button effectively.

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