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Tips & Tricks #7

Tips & Tricks

A few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts


1. I accidentally deleted something (appointment, claim, preauthorization, procedure, payment, etc.). Is there an undo button?

There is no option to undo, but not to worry! You can easily re-create whatever you deleted.

If you deleted a procedure with notes attached, see this post for a few options on how to view/retrieve the contents.

If you’ve deleted a patient payment, claim, preauthorization, or other items, just re-create it.

If you deleted an insurance check, you simply have to click “finalize” from the claim window, then enter the appropriate info to re-create the check.

Administrative users can check the audit trail for details on what was deleted, when, and by what user.


2. How do I edit fees in a fee schedule?

See our user manual for the step by step on how to enter fees from the Procedure Code List.

Other things you can do from the Procedure Code List include:
– comparing/edit multiple fee schedules
– making a backup of your fee schedule (In Fee Tools)

If increasing all fees by a percentage, don’t enter fees individually, take these steps instead!

– If you want the updated fees to affect all active treatment planned procedures, run Global Update Fees (in Fee Tools).
– If you just want to update fees for specific patients, use the “Update Fees” button in the Treatment Plan module.

TECH TIP: To print a fee schedule, use the Procedure Codes Report.



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