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Tips & Tricks #43

Open Dental Software can be a powerful tool for dental professionals, providing a range of features and capabilities to streamline workflows and improve patient care. In this post, we’ll discuss how to get advice from other Open Dental users, where to implement Time Card security, and the various resources available to help you learn Open Dental.

Where can I get recommendations from other Open Dental users about third-party programs or tips on how they’ve used Open Dental to improve office flow or efficiency?

Join the Open Dental Users Facebook Group!

The Open Dental Users Facebook Group has nearly 7,000 members and growing every day! With so many dental professionals and Open Dental users in one place, you’re sure to get great insight from users just like you. Use search to find existing posts that match your question, check out the Topic tags, or post a new question.

How can I make Time Cards more secure/private?

Determine Time Card security in Global Security Settings.

Use the manual page linked above to determine your preference for the following three settings:

  • Time Card Security Enabled (users can’t see other users’ Time Cards unless they have “Edit All Time Cards” permission.)
  • Users cannot edit their own Time Card
  • Users cannot edit their own Time Card except current pay period

Additionally, there are three User Group Permissions nested under the Manage Module, Time Card section.

  • Edit All Time Cards
  • Time Card Delete Entry
  • Edit Protected Leave Time Card Adjustments

Administrative users should have the above permissions to complete their routine time card duties.

TECH TIP: Allowing employees to edit their own Time Cards is not as risky as it sounds. When an employee makes an edit, the edited time turns red. This allows the administrator to clearly see a Time Card edit and discuss it with the employee as needed. Employees can add notes to their edits for additional clarity.

Where should I go to learn Open Dental?

There are some free options and some that have an associated cost.

FREE options:

  • Online Manual: When in Open Dental, use the ? in the top right corner of various program windows – it will take you straight to the manual page on that topic!
    You can also use Shift+F1 to search the manual (or you can go to Help, Online Help – Index.)
  • Webinars: There are over 200 free videos on our YouTube channel, covering a wide variety of topics. And each time we release a new version, we publish a highlights video where we review the new features and their use. Subscribe and turn on notifications for this popular resource.
  • The Open Dental Blog (hey, you found us!): Posts are published twice a week (guest writer post on Tuesday, Open Dental post on Thursday). Subscribe to be notified by email when a new post is published.
  • Open Dental Users Group on Facebook (yep, we talked about this one already): Join this super interactive group where customers AND potential customers can get input and feedback from other Open Dental Users and Open Dental staff.

Options with an associated cost:

  • Online Training – SUPER cost-effective and customized to what you need. Our expert trainer will connect to one or multiple computers to get your staff trained on exactly what you need.
  • On-Site Training – a bit more of an investment, but totally worth it (according to post-training surveys). This is especially valuable if your office is new to practice management software, is a larger practice with complex setups, or busy practice with a short ramp-up schedule. Our expert trainer(s) will work side-by-side with your staff to help them quickly gain proficiency in Open Dental. Sadly, this is not available in Texas or Louisiana.

Support is always here for you! Online chat can get simple questions answered right away. For troubleshooting more complex issues or to remote-connect, please give us a call.

Information in this post reflects features available in Open Dental Version 23.1. For the most up-to-date information, please visit our manual.

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