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Tips & Tricks # 40

Using Open Dental is even better with a few pro tips & tricks! Learn how to display write-offs in the treatment plan when using Category % plan type, how to display a bigger tooth chart, how to customize your Chart Module layout, and how to set up and use a custom Patient Dashboard to always display frequently-used patient data, no matter what module you’re using.

Want to see write-offs, but using a Category Percentage plan?

Go to Setup, Display Fields, Treatment Plan. Add the Cat% UCR field. This will display for all patients.

Can I make the Tooth Chart bigger?

Absolutely! From the Chart Module, click the Tooth Chart dropdown in the toolbar, and select Show Big. the Tooth Chart will display full screen until you exit.

Can I customize my Chart Module Layout?

You can customize Chart Layouts by clicking the Layout button from the toolbar in the Chart Module. You can set up and edit Chart Layouts similar to how Sheets are edited. Once you’ve customized your layout, now you’ll choose the Layout dropdown from the Chart Module toolbar and select the layout you’ve created.

Once you’ve selected a layout, it’s enabled only for the logged-on user, so you don’t have to worry about the Chart Layout changing for anyone else, but if any other users want to use the custom layout, they can enable it too.

Need constant visibility to frequently used patient info? Use the Patient Dashboard!

Want to see account info when you’re in the Treatment Plan Module, or be able to quickly see a patient’s Recall due dates or upcoming appointments when you’re working in the Manage Module? Create a Patient Dashboard that shows you the information you use the most. Once enabled, it will show on the right side of your screen, no matter what module you’re in.

For instructions to create and enable a Patient Dashboard, see our manual or watch this Quick Tip:

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