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Tips & Tricks #30

In this Tips & Tricks post, we will discuss how to:

How do I update my software, download the 2022 CDT codes (or Canada Fee Guides), and update my office fees?

It’s all in our End of 2021 & Start of 2022 post with videos to guide you through each process.

How do I reset insurance benefits for the new year?

Great news! You don’t need to – Open Dental does this automatically!

TECH TIP: If you have insurance plans that renew on a specific month (not the start of the calendar year), be sure to input the start month as shown below so benefits renew (automatically) at the correct time.

My state is now mandating electronic prescriptions. What options are available, and how do I decide which option is best for me?

There are two integrated eRx options in Open Dental: DoseSpot and Legacy eRx.

For More Details…

Read our Getting Started with eRx post or listen to our eRx Options in Open Dental podcast.

Can I show patients a treatment plan estimate as of a specific date?

Yes! Select the patient, then go to the Treatment Plan Module. Use the ‘Estimates as of’ date to change this to see estimates based on a specific date and time.

In our example, we have a patient whose benefit year resets in March. You’ll notice the first image shows the patient running out of benefits on the crown procedure, and only receiving an insurance benefit of $132.40 in the first example with the date set to 1/5/22 vs. the full $204 benefit they would receive when you show the estimate as of 3/1/22 when the patient’s benefits reset.

How do I install Open Dental on additional workstations in my practice?

We’ll take you through the steps to prepare your workstations and get Open Dental installed in this post:
Installing Open Dental Installing Open Dental on Additional Workstations in Your Practice

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