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Tips & Tricks #2

Tips & Tricks

A few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

1.  Do you have retail items that you sell to your patients like rechargeable toothbrushes, whitening trays, or mouthwash?
Set each retail item up with their own procedure code, and add it using the Quick Procs button in the Account toolbar.

2.  Want to see a patient’s entire appointment history and family recall info at a glance?
Select the patient, then click on the ViewPatAppts button, located on the lower right of the Appointments Module.

3. Want to compare tooth charts between saved treatment plans?
First, go to the patient’s chart module. In the Show tab, double-click on a view and check the “Is TP View” check box. Next, Select the Enter Treatment Tab, and check the “treatment plans” box – active and saved treatment plans will display in the Treatment Plans grid. When you click on the various treatment plans, the tooth chart view updates to display the treatment planned procedures.

UPDATE: Even easier in Version 17.1 and greater, simply drag the slider below the tooth chart to see treatment changes over time!

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