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Tips & Tricks #3

Tips & Tricks

A few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

1.  Need to print a fee schedule?
Go to Reports-Standard. On the right under Lists, select the Procedure Codes Report. Select the fee schedule you want to print, and whether you want the report to sort by code or category.
TECH TIP: Category option will not show any codes in hidden categories.

2.  Finalizing an insurance payment, but the check amount is showing a larger amount?
Simply enter the correct insurance check amount, then proceed to the next step. There are patients with open claims that Open Dental is trying to help you attach – click to highlight the patients that do not belong on that check, then click Detach. Check amount & payment amounts should now match so you can finalize the payment!
TECH TIP: Scanning the EOB here will attach the EOB to the check, which can be accessed from each patient attached to the check – no need to scan the EOB individually into each patient’s image module!

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