Tips & Tricks #22

In this tips & tricks post, we’ll discuss tools for e-prescribing and PDMP, updating fee schedules (and treatment planned fees), customizing the appointment length for recall patients, and reassigning appointments and primary providers when a provider retires.

My state has recently mandated electronic prescriptions. What are my options in Open Dental?

There are two available options to e-prescribe out of Open Dental: DoseSpot (our recommended option) and Legacy eRx. Learn more about these options and how to get started in our E-Prescribing and PDMP in Open Dental post.

Moving to Open Dental and need to e-prescribe until your transition is complete?
No problem! DoseSpot has a stand-alone product that can be used until your transition is complete and you can use the integration. The two products are distinct and data will not transfer, but you can continue to look in the standalone product for the older eRx data as needed. See our manual page for more.

I need to update my fees. How do I do this?

To update your UCR fees, follow along with the video below, or see instructions here.
Editing fees in an insurance fee schedule?
Follow along with the video below, or see the Fee Schedule Edit section on this manual page.
I’ve updated my fees. How do I update the fees in all my active treatment plans?
Go to Lists > Procedure Codes and click on the Fee Tools button in the lower right. (Don’t see the button? You may not have permission to access this area of the program.)
In the Fee Tools window, select your Clinic (if using Clinics), then click Update Fees. Fees in all active (not saved) treatment plans will update.
NOTE: If you’ve updated insurance fee schedules and want to update write-off estimates, the Update Write-offs tool can be used.
  • If using clinics, this tool will update write-off estimates for all clinics.
  • This tool may take a while to run. A progress bar will show. You can pause or cancel the process at any time.

Update Fees will update fees in all active (not saved) treatment plans.


I’d like to customize the appointment length for my recall patients. Can I do that in Open Dental?

Yes! Patient-specific time patterns can be set for recall appointments using the Time Pattern Override box. You will need to be on version 20.4 or greater to use this feature.

In the patient’s family module, double-click on a recall item in the Recall Grid to open the Edit Recall window.

In the edit recall window, enter a time pattern override for the recall appointment for this specific patient. / is assistant time, X is provider time. Do this for any patient that needs a longer (or shorter) recall appointment.

When you make this patient’s next recall appointment, it will use the time pattern (appointment length) you’ve specified. See more detail on our recall manual page.

A new provider is taking over for one that retired. Can I reassign future appointments to the new provider?

NOTE: If you want to re-assign the primary provider for patients, follow the steps shown on our Providers manual page.

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