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Tips & Tricks #20

In this tips & tricks post, we’ll discuss a new tool to help you organize your (many many) fee schedules, how to add and view both patient forms and consent forms in the Forms window, and how to set things up so patient records are auto-saved in your Imaging Module.

Organizing Fee Schedules? There’s a new tool for that!

In Lists > Procedure Codes > Fee Scheds (button in the lower right), you can set the order of a fee schedule (in version 20.2 and greater). Take these steps to reorder your fee schedules: 1. Click on the fee schedule you want to move 2. Click on the ‘Set Order’ Button 3. Click where you want to place the fee schedule in the list   

Want to see patient forms and consent forms in the same window?

In the Chart Module (with any patient selected), click the Forms button, then Setup > Options. Check the box for Patient Forms windows show consent forms. Now, any forms and consents can be added from here and will display in this window.

Preferences to auto-save patient records to the Imaging Module

Take the setup steps below, and automatically save patient records to an image category (a folder in your Imaging module).

  1. Go to Setup > Definitions > Image Categories
  2. Double-click to open an image category
  3. Check the box to “assign” it as an auto-save destination for the appropriate form. The Treatment Plan example is shown below.

Once set up, Image Categories will auto-save the items as indicated below:

Treatment Plans – any treatment plans that are signed, made into a PDF or printed will be stored here.

Patient Statements – any printed or emailed statements will also be stored here.

Payment Plans – when a payment plan is printed, it will also be stored here.

Lab Slips – any lab slips that have been printed, emailed, or saved to PDF will also be stored here.

Patient Forms – If a form is generated and has “save to images” checked at the bottom before it is closed, it will save a copy here. If this is set up as your “AutoSave Forms” category, any patient forms that are completed in Open Dental will be automatically stored here.

If you want retrieved web forms to also be saved here, take these additional steps:
– Retrieve the forms
– Double-click to open each form
– Make sure the Save to Images checkbox is checked, and say OK.

Claim Attachments – if you are using the DentalXChange Attachments Service, any attachments will be stored here.

If you have any questions or comments on these tips & tricks or anything in the software, give us a call or chat with us!

Whether you’re new to the software or have been using it for years, online training with an Open Dental trainer can show you ways to maximize the tools in the software to automate repetitive processes, improve workflow, and boost efficiency and productivity. Ask our support technician about training today.

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  1. How do you change the doctor’s color block? Not the colors on the left side. How would we make all of our appointments that are coming in white?

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