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In this tips & tricks post, we’ll discuss using User Groups for more flexibility, adding favorite reports to a reports submenu, and some great tools to be found in the Help menu in Open Dental.

Using User Groups for More Flexibility

Did you know users can be assigned to multiple user groups? This allows great flexibility because you can create user groups based on the security settings needed for different roles filled by your staff. As their responsibilities change, or as they take on additional duties, you can simply assign them to the user group for their new roles so they have the permissions they need to perform their required responsibilities.

In Setup > Security > Security Settings, double-click to open the User Edit window. The User Groups section shows what User Group(s) they are assigned to. To assign a User to multiple User Groups, hold the control key, and click the groups. 

Want to see what Users are in each User Group? In Setup > Security > Security Settings, click on the User Groups tab. Click to select a User Group. Users assigned to that group will show on the right under ‘Users currently associated’. Find more information on our User Group manual page.

Quick-Access to Frequently Used Reports

Do you run the same reports at the end of each day? Add them to your Reports sub-menu for quick access.

To set this up, go to Reports > Standard Reports then click Setup. In the ‘Sub Menu’ column, click to add the reports you want to see in the Sub Menu.
TECH TIP: If you have reports you don’t want to display at all, you can click in the ‘Hidden’ column to hide them. They will not appear in the reports window again until you unhide them.

Need Help? Try the Help Menu!

The HELP menu can be a great starting point if you need support, need to find answers in our manual, want to update your software, etc.

Help > Online Support 
This will open the Contact Page on our website. You’ll see a link to chat a quick question, our phone number, hours of operation, and more.

Help > Online Help – Index
This will take you straight to the search function – enter what you’re looking for help on, and see matching results from our website and online manual.
If you’re not on the most recent version, choose the version you’re using from the drop-down menu. Not sure what version you’re on? Go to either Help> Update or Help > About.

Help > Training Videos

This will take you straight to our webinars page where you can find links to topic-based playlists of webinars, video tutorials, and QuickTip videos on our YouTube channel.

Help > Request Features

We are listening and appreciate your feedback about the features you need. Our development efforts are guided in part by your requests, and this is where you make that happen. Learn more about how Open Dental is Powered by You!

Help > Update

This will tell you what version of the software you’re currently using. You can also update right from this window. Check for Updates will give you any new builds for your current version (these will be bug fixes for the version you’re currently using). We recommend you update from the Server Computer.
Think you’re on the server computer but not 100% sure? Keep reading! 

Help > About:

The About window gives you the name of the computer you’re currently on, the name of the server. If these two match, you’re on the server computer 🙂 It also displays the version you’re on, and the MySQL service you’re currently using.


If you have any questions or comments on these tips & tricks or anything in the software, give us a call or send us a chat! Whether you’re new to the software or you’ve been using it for years, online training with an Open Dental trainer can show you ways to maximize the tools in the software and automate repetitive processes to boost efficiency and productivity. Ask our support technician about training today.

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