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Tips & Tricks #18

Tips & Tricks

In this tips & tricks post, we’ll discuss some tricks when navigating the schedule, how to create a HIPAA Compliant view, and how to get some statistics on completed procedures.

Navigating the Schedule

Navigating the schedule is pretty straight forward, but there are some tricks to use less clicks!

Use the arrow buttons at the bottom to quickly move forward or backward on the calendar, or click Today to jump back to today’s schedule.

  • <M: Move back a month. 
  • <W: Move back a week.
  • <: Move back a day.
  • Today: Jump to today.
  • >: Move forward a day. 
  • W>: Move forward a week.
  • M>: Move forward a month.

Click on the month (e.g. May 2020) at the top to quickly move to another month. 

Click on the year (e.g. 2020) at the top to quickly move to another year.

Best yet, if you’re scheduling recall, just click Make Recall

This will automatically push your schedule to the patient’s next available recall date. Just be sure your Recall Types are set up and your Schedule is open that far.

How to create a HIPAA Compliant View

If your computer can be seen by patients, consider creating a HIPAA View for your schedule. This will hide identifying patient information. 

Go to Setup > Appointments > Appointment Views. Create a view, then only add the necessary information. 

For example, on my regular view, I can see patient name and procedures: 

But on my HIPAA view, I can only see patient number and age. 

How to get Statistics on Completed Procedures

Use the built-in Procedures Report to see information on completed procedures.

For example, I want to see how many D2740 have been completed since the beginning of this year: 

  1. Set your date range. 
  2. Set the Type to “Grouped by Procedure Code” 
  3. Enter the procedure code.

Now, I can see how many D2740s have been completed. 

This report can also tell you who had a certain procedure code completed in a date range (great for getting a follow-up list!).

Run the report with its default settings to see what work was completed today.


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