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Tips & Tricks #16

Tips & TricksA few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

In this tips & tricks post, we’ll reminisce about Reminder Tasks, how to find a specific opening in your schedule that fits your patient’s busy life with Appointment Search, and where to see a log of all actions taken on an appointment using the Appointment Audit Trail.

Reminder Tasks

We love reminder tasks for things we need to remember to do. And you can associate them to a patient if they are patient-related. If you haven’t used tasks before, try them now – take a look at this blog post on Tasks – it’ll give you the tools you need (a few short videos) to help you set up and use tasks in your practice.

Once you’ve set up task lists, you can create a task and set the reminder for the task to appear on a date/time you set. You can set it to remind you once, weekly, monthly, yearly or monthly. When you select weekly, as shown below, you can set what day(s) you want to get the reminder.

When that day arrives, you’ll see it in the “New for (your name here)” tab in your tasks area.

Using Appointment Search to Find a Specific Opening in Your Schedule that Works for Your Patient

Find the right time in no time at all by looking for Openings in the Appointment View.

  1. Create a new appointment for the patient, and place it on the pinboard.
  2. Enter Date/Time Restrictions, and select provider if you’d like, then click Search. The first available time slots will show for each of the next 10 available days. Click More to see the next 10 results. Click on any date to jump to that day in your Appointment schedule.
    Tech Tip: Need even more options? Click on Advanced.

Using the Appointment Audit Trail

Who created the appointment, moved it to a different operatory, or set it complete? Use the Audit Trail button inside the Edit Appointment Window to find the answers, and see who took the action.

Need a quick answer to a simple question, give chat a try! If you need troubleshooting help or need to have us remote-connect with you, please give us a call.

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