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Tips & Tricks #15

Tips & TricksA few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

In this tips & tricks post, learn more about switching back and forth between family member accounts, our favorite drop-down arrow magic, and how to print your progress notes for a specific date range.

1. Quickly Switch to Other Family Members

There are a couple of ways you can do this.
In the Family Module, click on any other family member’s name in the Family Members box. This will select the other family member, their name will be highlighted, and you can then navigate to their account, chart, treatment plan, and more.

In the Account Module, click on any other family member’s name in the Select Patient box.


2. Drop-Down Arrow magic in Tool Bars

Put more power in your pocket when you use the drop-down arrows in toolbar icons in Open Dental!


Here are some of our favorites:

▼ See the last five patients you selected with the Select Patient drop-down

▼ Using Tasks? The number of unread tasks appears as a number above the Tasks drop-down. Use the drop-down to navigate to unread and reminder tasks. Learn more about why you’ll love the Tasks feature in this post.


▼ In the Account Module, use the Payment drop-down to Allocate Unearned income, or do an Income Transfer


Use the Adjustment drop-down to Apply Sales Tax or Add Multiple to add an adjustment to multiple procedures


▼ Use the New Claim drop-down to create Primary, Secondary, Medical, or Other (Tertiary) Claims.


▼ Use the QuickProcs drop-down to quickly charge a patient for retail items (want more on this, read this post).


TECH TIP: Click on the QuickProcs button, then type the exact code into the box and hit enter – it will chart immediately!


▼ Use the Statement drop-down to issue a specific type of statement. See more on our Statement Window manual page.

3. Need to Print Progress Notes for a Specific Date Range?

Go to the Chart Module, and click on the Show tab. Click on the … next to the box that says “All Dates” then enter the date range, and click OK. Once progress notes for that date range are displayed, right-click inside the progress notes area, and select Print Progress Notes.



Need a quick answer to a simple question, give chat a try! If you need troubleshooting help or need to have us remote-connect with you, please give us a call.

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