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Tips & Tricks #14

Tips & Tricks

A few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

In this tips & tricks post, learn more about how to process insurance refunds (when you’re sending money back to insurance), what to do if the provider’s DEA number is not showing on prescriptions, and some tips on medication lists.

1. Processing Insurance Refunds (Insurance Overpayments)

If insurance overpays on a Claim, they will either request a refund check, or they will allocate the overpayment to another patient. All the steps to handle each scenario can be found on our Insurance Refunds online manual page.

2. DEA Number Not Showing on Prescriptions?

Go to Lists > Providers, double-click to open and edit the Provider whose DEA number needs to be on the prescription. Enter the number in the DEA number field highlighted below.

Provider Edit Window

IMPORTANT: In order for the DEA number to print on prescriptions, the Controlled Substance box for that medication must be checked as shown below.

Rx Edit

3. Tips for Using (and Sharing) Medication Lists

A very basic Medication Master List is already part of Open Dental, but did you know that customized medication lists can be shared? If one of your practice locations has developed an extensive list in Open Dental, or you have a dentist friend using Open Dental who’s willing to share their medication list with you, you can use the Import and Export functions to do just that.

Medication Master List

Step 1: Export the Open Dental Medication List and share it.

To Export a Medication List to share with another Open Dental office, go to Lists > Medications, then click Export. Change the file name if you’d like, then save it to your desired location. Share the list via email or another file-sharing method.

Open Dental will display a pop-up with the file name, and the location where it is being exported.

Step 2: Import an Open Dental Medication List that’s been shared with you.

To Import an Open Dental Medication List that’s been shared with you, go to Lists > Medications, then click Import. Locate the file, and double-click to import it.

Open Dental will display a pop-up letting you know how many duplicate medications were found, and how many were imported. Duplicate medications will not be imported.

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