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Tips & Tricks #13

Tips & Tricks

A few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

In this tips & tricks post, learn more about setting up and displaying Production Goals, Production, and Net Production in your Appointments Module, as shown below:

Appointment Module_ScheduleView1

1. I’d like to have our estimated daily production and production goals display in our Appointments Module. How do I do this?
  • Go to Lists > Providers, and set an hourly goal for each provider. Make sure the provider has a schedule set up, as this will be used to calculate their production goal for the day. (See this page for how to set up provider schedules.)
  • Go to Setup > Appointments > Appointment Views, and add Production to each view you want to see display production goals and production numbers. See this page for more on customizing your Appointment Views.
2. The production number shown in my Appointments Module doesn’t match my Production & Income Report. Why does this happen, and which is more accurate?
  • Always refer to your production and income report for the most accurate data.
  • The production numbers in the Appointments Module can differ because:
    • Adjustments are not included in net production. To include adjustments in net production here, you must:
      • Go to Setup > Appointments > Appts Preferences, check the box that says “Add daily adjustments to net production” then click OK.
      • Make sure all Adjustments are attached to procedures. (You can click on the procedure, then add the adjustment, or open the procedure and click “Attach” to attach a procedure to an existing adjustment.)
    • Procedures may have been set complete without being attached to an appointment. If they aren’t attached to an appointment, the production will not be reflected in the Appointment Module.
      TECH TIP: We recommend always attaching procedures to an appointment when scheduling. That way, when the appointment is set complete, all attached procedures will be set complete as well.
    • Things like Account Procs that are added directly from the Accounts Module (mouthwash or tooth whitening kits you may sell to your patients). Since they are not added from the Appointments Module, their production will only be included in the report, not displayed in the Appointments Module.

As always, if you need help troubleshooting anything in Open Dental, just get in touch with us!

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