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Tips & Tricks #10

Tips & Tricks

A few tips & tricks from your Open Dental experts

In this tips & tricks post, learn more about following up on claims, how to make sure the DEA number prints on your paper prescriptions, and how to view a complete record of a patient (and their family members’) appointments.

1. Following up on claims and tracking those actions are now easier than ever!

When you click to select a claim in the Outstanding Insurance Claims Report, Carrier/Plan Info and Patient/Subscriber Info are displayed at the bottom of the screen, providing essential information so you can quickly follow up on the claim.

Once you’ve followed up on the claim, go into the “Status History” tab at the bottom of the claim to record any details.  See our manual for more on Custom Claim Tracking.

TECH TIP: The Outstanding Insurance Claims Report can be customized with optional Display Fields to fit your needs. Check out the “Customize the Report” section on our online manual page for more details.

TECH TIP 2: Want to add your favorite reports to a sub-menu under Standard Reports?
Go to Reports>Standard Reports. Click “Setup” in the upper left, then click in the “Sub Menu” column next to the report you want to add to your sub-menu. The next time you go into Reports, you’ll be able to select and run the report from the sub-menu!

2.  When I print out a prescription, why doesn’t the DEA number for the provider show?

Make sure the prescription is marked as a controlled substance. Click Lists>Prescriptions. Double click the items that are controlled substances and mark them as such. Go to Lists>Providers and double-click to open providers to make sure the correct DEA number is listed.

Rx Edit

TECH TIP: Some states require an associated procedure show on their printed prescriptions. If this applies to you, follow the steps in the section entitled “Procedure Required on Prescription” in our manual.

3. Want to see a patient’s entire appointment history and family members’ appointments at a glance?

Select the patient, then click on the View Pat Appts button, located on the lower right of the Appointments Module.
A complete record of the patient’s appointments will be shown under “Appointments for Patient.”

Also notice that recall information for other family members is shown in the upper left under Recall for Family. To see appointment records for other members of the patient’s family, simply click on the family member’s name.

Patient Appointment History


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