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Stable vs. Beta – Which Software Update Option is Best for Your Practice?

Open Dental Software Updates

Open Dental provides frequent software updates which provide hundreds of new features and enhancements each year. It’s important to understand each software update option, to determine which one is the best fit for your practice.

To check to see if software updates are available for your version, go to Help-Update.
Click “Check for Updates.” If an update is available, you will be presented with one or more of the following options:

A new build is available for the current version

This software update will give you any bug-fixes for your current version that have been implemented since you did your last update. We strongly recommend you install any available fixes. If you’re updating to the new stable version, just go straight to that option, there’s no need to do both.

A new stable version is available

The stable version has already gone through many iterations, and all identified bugs have been fixed. This software update option will provide new functionality, feature improvements and additions. Things may look different in some areas with an update like this – and we hope you’re pleased with the result! These types of updates include many features or improvements that have been requested by our customers. We recommend the latest stable version as the most appropriate option for most offices.

A new beta version is available

The beta version has all the latest features, but may have some bugs. We fix bugs quickly as they are identified, but a fix may take a few days and cause some inconvenience. The Beta version is only appropriate for offices willing to accept some software bugs to gain access to new features they urgently need. This type of software update is not recommended, and may not have supporting documentation.

What’s new in each version? Find the list here.  And if you have questions about features, or need help doing the software update? Give us a call, we’re happy to help!

Ready to update your software? Here’s how:

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