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New Hire Checklist for Open Dental Success

new hire checklist

Your practice is growing and you’re adding new staff, congratulations! Here is a handy New Hire Checklist to ensure your new addition has everything they need for Open Dental success!

Your New Hire Checklist:

  1. Training
    Training is a critical part of onboarding for any new employee. After your staff has trained the new employee on practice flow and office processes, it’s time to schedule them for online training with Open Dental at just $50/hour. Used in conjunction with our DIY Training Resources, online training helps your new employee hit the ground running, while preventing errors and boosting efficiency and productivity.
    We recommend:
    One hour of job-specific training (let us know their responsibilities, we’ll customize the training so they get the information they need).
    One hour of follow-up training a week or two after their initial training session. We can dive deeper into areas they need more help with, and answer any questions.
    Contact us today to get them scheduled – you can call, chat, or just fill out the form!
  2. Employee setup
    If your new employee will be clocking in/out in Open Dental or added as an assistant in appointments, add them in Lists, Employees. The Payroll ID field is optional and may be used if you are using ADP as your payroll provider. (If you notice any past employees on the list, you can double-click, and mark them hidden.)
  3. Open Dental user setup
    Set your new employee up with their own username and password in Setup, Security, Security Settings.
    Assign them to the appropriate user group to make sure they have the permissions they need to do their job (if they have permissions that are unique, you may need to set up a new User Group in the User Groups tab).
    If they’ll be clocking in & out, select their employee name under Employee (for timecards).
    If they are a provider follow the steps below to set them up as a provider, then select their provider name under Provider.
    Assign them to a clinic in the Clinics tab if needed.
    Set them up to receive alerts in the Alert Subs tab if needed.
    Check the box to Require Password Reset. When the employee logs into Open Dental for the first time, the system will prompt them to reset their password. For HIPAA Compliance, every user must have their own unique password.

If your new hire is a provider (Dentist or Hygienist):

Provider setup
If you have hired a new dentist or hygienist, you’ll want to take these additional steps:

  • Add them as a provider. Link them to the appropriate fee schedule (your practice’s default fee schedule will be assigned automatically.) Select their specialty, and if they are a hygienist, be sure to check the “Secondary Provider (Hyg)” check box to avoid claim issues. (If you notice any past providers on the list, you can double-click & mark them hidden. If you get a message that their schedule will be deleted, that’s OK, it’s just going to remove their schedule. Any appointments they may have been assigned to will not be affected.)
  • Add them as a user in Open Dental, and be sure to link their provider name under Provider.
  • Create a new operatory for them or assign them to an existing operatory.
  • Add the new provider and any newly added operatories to appointment views.
  • Set up their schedule.
  • If your new provider has different office fees or different insurance reimbursement rates, enter their fees in the appropriate fee schedule(s).

As your practice continues to grow, keep this New Hire Checklist handy and use it each time you add a new employee to your practice.

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