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feature requestsWe are committed to producing a product that meets our customers’ needs, and Feature Requests submitted and voted on by our users play an important role in our development process. We have three to four major software updates each year, and each release typically implements several dozen features that were requested by users like you!

Want to submit a feature request?

Go to Help > Request Features.

First, search using just a few words. Let’s say you want preauthorizations that have been received to display a status (accepted, denied, etc.). Search using just one or two words. In this case, we’ve searched for “Preauth” to see if there are any near matches, and we found one, #1312.
feature requests

Want to add your support to feature requests?

You can add points to any request with an Approved status. Double-click to open it.
feature requests

Read the detailed description, and other users’ comments to learn more about it. Once you’ve determined it’s a match for what you want, you can add your own comments at the bottom, and click +Save. Then, in the upper right, allocate a few points in the Points box. Each practice on Support gets 100 points to use to support a feature they want to see added to the program. Your Points Remaining shows how many points your practice has left. The Is Critical checkbox can be checked if this feature is REALLY important to you. You can mark up to two feature requests as critical (like points, once one of them is approved, you’d be able to mark something else as Is Critical).

Once you’ve added a few points, you can gain support from other users by promoting the feature in the Open Dental Users Facebook group or in our Forum. The more practices that add points to a feature, the more “weight” it holds, and the higher the likelihood it is implemented, but a feature doesn’t necessarily need to be weighted heavily to be implemented. As we develop new features, we also look at related features that can be implemented at the same time.

Why should you submit a feature request or add points to a feature request?

The best reason is that it lets us know your practice needs it! And when you add points to an existing request, you will receive a notification email when that feature is implemented so you can update and start using it. Once a feature is implemented, any points you used are returned to you so you can use them to support other features.

You have the power to affect change!

Here’s a look at the number of feature requests that have been implemented in different versions:

Version 20.5 – 16 (released 3/11/2021)
Version 20.4 – 21 (released 12/17/2020)
Version 20.3 – 11 (released 10/13/2020)
Version 20.2 – 2   (released 7/20/2020)
Version 20.1 – 15 (released 5/12/2020)
Version 19.4 – 13 (released 4/7/2020)
Version 19.3 – 15 (released 12/23/2019)
Version 19.2 – 14 released 10/2/2019)
Version 19.1 – 21 (released 7/2/19)
Version 18.4 – 25 (released 3/20/19)
Version 18.3 – 17 (released 12/10/18)
Version 18.2 – 33 (released 9/21/18)
Version 18.1 – 31 (released 7/16/18)
Version 17.4 – 49 (released 5/4/18)
Version 17.3 – 26 (released 12/28/17)
Version 17.2 – 29 (released 9/123/17)
Version 17.1 – 31 (released 6/29/17)
Version 16.4 – 26 (released 3/31/17)

Thank you for helping us know what features you want to see added to Open Dental! If you have questions about the feature request process, check out our manual page, or get in touch with us.

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