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Sending Claim Attachments with the DentalXChange Attachment Service

As you may have heard, NEA has elected to terminate its relationship with DentalXChange. This unfortunate news means DentalXChange can no longer support the integration between NEA FastAttach and ClaimConnect. We will be phasing out this integration as of December 31, 2019. The good news is that there is a great option available that gives your practice more flexibility and control over your claims and attachments process.

The DentalXChange Attachment Service (DXCA) is the most user-friendly, cost-effective attachment solution on the market today, and it is completely integrated into your Open Dental software.

To send attachments with DXCA, you must first set it up in Open Dental.
Go to Setup> Family/Insurance> Clearinghouses. Double-click to open ClaimConnect, then check the box to Allow sending attachments. Save DXC Attachments to Image Module is checked automatically but can be unchecked if you prefer images not be saved.

The screenshots below show how easy it is to set up and send e-claim attachments with the DentalXChange Attachment Service (DXCA) through Open Dental.

Once the Allow sending attachments box has been checked, you can submit attachments when you create a new claim.

  1. Create your claim, then click OK. This will validate the claim for an attachment.
  2. A popup will tell you if an attachment is required, Click Yes.
  3. The next popup shows the Claim Validation Status and what is required. If there are multiple requirements, you can click the OK between functions to ‘revalidate’. So, if you need a narrative and an X-ray, you can do your narrative, then hit OK. Then click Snipping Tool for the X-ray attachment (or click Add Image if the image file is already saved).
  4. After clicking the Snipping Tool button, this window will open.

    Click New when you are ready to capture the image (X-ray or charting). Make sure you have the image up before clicking New.
  5. Click and drag your cursor around the image you want to attach, then release.
  6. Enter a File Name, Date Created, and Image Type, then click OK. Image Orientation will only show when an X-rays Image Type is selected.
  7. Click OK to submit the attachment – this will create the Attachment ID on the claim. This ID is shown in the Attachments tab, DXC tab in the area shown.
    Claim attachments will be listed in Attachments Sent.
  8. Click Send to submit the claim.

The DentalXChange Attachment Service gives your office more control over the attachment process at an affordable price, and the full integration with Open Dental streamlines the process. Please reach out to DentalXChange at (800) 576-6412 Ext. 440 if you are interested in learning more about the DentalXChange Attachment Service.

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