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Teledentistry and Open Dental

The way you see patients has been turned upside down as a result of COVID-19, and we’re all living in a ‘new normal’. Teledentistry may not have previously been part of your patient care, but it is now an important part of offering diagnostic and follow-up care to your patients. This post provides resources and the setup steps needed in Open Dental to accommodate teledentistry.

The ADA just released updated guidance for coding and billing to help you manage the changes needed to continue to care for your patients.

First, do a bit of setup in Open Dental

  1. Go to Setup > Advanced Setup > Show Features
  2. Check the box to enable Public Health

Next, chart your procedures

As you work remotely with patients to evaluate possible emergency care, chart the usual procedure code. Then, you will also need to chart a teledentistry code (D9995 or D9996). See more in the Updated ADA Guidelines.

For each procedure performed remotely, you’ll need to change the ‘Place of Service’ to ‘Telehealth’.
In the Procedure Info window, click on the Misc Tab (which will only display if you’ve turned on Public Health).
Use the dropdown and select Telehealth.

Set the procedures complete.

Finally, create and send the claim

Create and send your claims as normal.

Need help with setup or troubleshooting? Please reach out – our support team may be working remotely, but they are ready to help!

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