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SupportWe are committed to providing exceptional technical support to our customers. Being on Support means you have unlimited access to our dedicated technicians for help with the software. But support is SO much more than just getting technical help. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits on being on Support with Open Dental.

Unlimited Support

Chat: Get a quick answer to a quick question via chat, and get back to your most important job – caring for your patients!

Phone: Call as many times as you’d like throughout the day. There is a 2 question limit per call, so that we can help everyone in a timely manner. If you have more than 2 questions, we can put you back in the queue for a callback, or you can chat with us.

Email: It’s after hours, you’re located outside of North America, or you just prefer email. No problem – send an email to – our team will get back to you promptly.

TECH TIP: How to get the most out of your support call

1. Have examples
2. Tell us the steps you’ve taken
3. Tell us how the result is different than what you expected
4. Don’t store up a whole list of questions – please call us as questions come up so we can resolve up to 2 issues in each call.

Software Updates!

We release three to four major versions a year. Update to receive CDT codes, and over a hundred new features and enhancements requested by users like you! When you’re on support, you can update for free, it’s included in your Support cost.

Patient Portal

When you’re on support, you can use the Patient Portal, a free, HIPAA compliant portal where patients can view their Appointments, send and receive secure Web Mail with your practice staff, view their Treatment Plan and Account info, and make online payments.

Web Forms

When you’re on support, you have access to Web Forms, a free, HIPAA compliant tool that allows patients to follow a link and fill out their Medical History, Patient Registration, Financial Agreements, etc. online. Form data is then imported directly into their patient chart in Open Dental, saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

Feature Requests

As a customer on Support, you can request (and vote on) features you’d like added to the software. Each year, we introduce over 100 features requested by our users – let your voice be heard!


When you’re on support, you can request and purchase a custom query to meet any specific reporting needs you have that aren’t met by our standard reports or selection of query examples. Take a look at this video for more on how the query process works.


As a customer on Support, you can take advantage of online or on-site training with our experienced trainers. We customize the curriculum based on your specific needs so your staff can get up to speed quickly, minimize errors, and learn how to maximize the tools in Open Dental to boost efficiency and productivity. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule training. Training is offered at an additional cost, please see our fees page for more details.

Help Feature – new to version 19.1!

With Support, you get the new Help Feature – coming soon to a stable version near you (as of the date of this post, Version 19.1 is Beta). This feature allows you to quickly access the online user manual for the area of Open Dental you’re in: Just click the ? at the top of the window.

As a customer on Support, we want to make sure you’re getting the most of all that Support has to offer! If you have questions about how support works that weren’t answered in this post, feel free to reach out – we’re here for you!

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