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Your 7-Step New Year Checklist

new year checklist

With 2018 drawing to a close, things may be winding down as you enter the holiday season. With this simple New Year Checklist, you’ll be sure to get a running start on the New Year!


1. UPDATE to the latest Stable Version to get access to all the new features!

With staff levels lower over the holidays, take the opportunity to update to get access to all the latest tools and features the software has to offer.
Read our blog post on Open Dental Software Updates and watch the video on how to update.

2. North American practices: Update your CDT Codes*

Update to stable version 18.2.47 (recommended) or beta version 18.3.26 or greater, then use Fee Tools to update your CDT codes.

A minute to learn it! Watch our QuickTip Video: How to update your CDT Codes.

* New 2019 CDT codes cannot be billed to insurance until 1/1/2019.

Practices in Canada: Import the new Fee Guides by province and specialty.

You must be on support to download fee guides.
Fee guides are released as we receive them.
Some fee guides require an updated version, an ODA password, or provider verification – check our Canada Fee Guides page for details.
Want more info on Canada-specific features in Open Dental? Check out our Canada 101 post.

3. Review your fee schedule.

If you will be increasing your office fees, follow the steps to increase fees by a percentage. Be careful not to skip Step 1: Making a backup of your fee schedule. Doing this before you make any changes ensures you have a backup of the original fee schedule in case you need to refer back to it for any reason.

4. Update your schedule and Time Clock/pay periods.

Add days to the provider and/or employee’s schedule.

If using the time clock feature, set up pay periods for 2018.

Watch the Open Dental webinar: Time Cards.


5. Review your backup plan.

Data loss, no matter the cause, can be catastrophic for any business. Read our post 3 Ways to Protect your Data When Mother Nature Strikes, and take steps to put a comprehensive data recovery plan in place.

6. Get connected with the Open Dental Community.

There are great online communities that will help you stay up-to-date on new developments, software use tips & tricks, and more. Get connected with other Open Dental users today.

If you have staff that are new to their position, or new to your practice, check out our post, Keys to Open Dental Success. A solid start in Open Dental will help them maximize all the tools the software has to offer, and will ensure they are happier, more productive, and able to provide a consistent, high-quality experience for you patients.

7. Consider adding eServices.

eServices from Open Dental can save you time, automate processes, revolutionize your patient communications, and help your practice grow and thrive. Read why these tools are loved by patients and practices alike, and see how adding eServices can make 2019 your best year yet!

Even better, here’s a list of things you don’t need to worry about:

  • Insurance benefits: They will reset automatically each benefit year.
  • Closing out the month or year: No need to “close out” the month or the year.
    Reports can be run at any time.
  • Need to make edits to claims or charted procedures from the previous year?
    No problem, that will continue to be available.

If using Accounting:

Have questions? Reach out anytime – we’re here for you!

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