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Your 7-Step New Year Checklist

New Year ChecklistWith the year drawing to a close, things may be winding down as you enter the holiday season. With this simple New Year Checklist, you’ll get a running start on the New Year!


1. UPDATE to the latest Stable Version to get access to all the latest features!

Watch the Open Dental webinar: How to Update Versions.


2. North American practices: Import the 2018 CDT Codes. Update to Stable Version 17.3, then use Fee Tools to import the new codes.
Canadian practices: Import the new Fee Guides by province and specialty. Fee guides are released as we receive them. Some fee guides require an updated version – check our Canada Fee Guides page for details.

3. Review your fee schedule. If you will be increasing your office fees, follow the steps to increase fees by a percentage.

4. Scheduling and Time Clock:

Add days to the provider/employee schedule.

If using the time clock function, set up pay periods for 2018.

Watch the Open Dental webinar: Timecards.


5. Review your backup plan to prevent data loss.

6. Get connected with the Open Dental Community to stay up-to-date on new developments, software use tips & tricks, and more! If you have staff that are new to their position, or new to your practice, give them a great start by using all the available learning resources, including customized online training.

7. Are you using Open Dental’s eServices?

eServices from Open Dental can save you time, automate processes, improve your relationship with your patients, and help your practice grow and thrive. Read more about these tools to see how eServices can make 2018 the best year yet!


For EHR providers:

  • Sign a new EHR contract for the current calendar year. See EHR License to download the purchase form.
  • Meaningful Use: If you are entering an MU year, there are items that must be configured before the reporting period. See EHR Setup.

If using Accounting:

Have questions? Take a look at our Year End / New Year FAQ’s and call us if you need help!

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